Retirement Portfolio (RP) Rules

Retirement Portfolio Rules

This portfolio uses a long only algorithm to scan all the stocks in the entire US equity market for buy signals each night   It does not depend on the, news, fundamentals or complicated technical analysis.

It will take a maximum of 10 positions and allocate 10% of the portfolio to each trade. This way the portfolio is not risking more than 10% on any one trade. We then sort all candidates on their 100 day Historical Volatility to ensure we are trading the ones with the highest volatility.

Scans are run and posted to the members only site by 8:00 PM ET before each trading day. A verified version of the scans will be posted by 12:00AM ET before each trading day.

The rules for the Retirement Portfolio algorithm are as follows:

Long Entry rules:

  • Price is over $5.00
  • Volume’s 21/day moving average is over 1,000,000
  • New 52 week high within the last 20 days
  • ConnorsRSI is less than 45 (this is the pullback)
  • Is not OTC
  • Close is greater than MA(200)
  • Limit order percentage will vary with market conditions and based on monthly optimization.

Long Exit rules:

  • ConnorsRSI is greater than 55