The Best Quantitative Online Trading Site on the Web

Do you want to trade like the elite on Wall Street? 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the choices in the Stock Market and wished you had a concierge desk to call up to make sense of it?

Do you wish you could find a system that gave you great profits with minimum risk yet took only 15 minutes a day?

A system that gave you clear and concise trade signals:

  • Buy/Short
  • At what price
  • Number of shares to trade and then
  • When to exit

QiT is a everything you could possibly want in an online trading service with portfolios for margin and retirement accounts that will give you maximum returns with minimum risk.

QiT is a purely mathematical and technical method of stock trading. Our proprietary algorithms were created for quality over quantity and for certainty over speculation.

With our sophisticated software, we exhaustively backtested and optimized many, many trading systems then quantified the results according to a predetermined set of evaluators for maximum annual return and minimum risk. We then put the best algorithms to work in our portfolios.

Our ideal customer is the more involved trader who wants to take charge of his/her own trading account but may have found that trading can be very difficult and confusing  Our clients probably see too many choices and need a process to simplify investing into an easily tradable system with an edge that has been extensively tested.

Every night we use our elite system to scan the entire US stock market then post all the stocks that have a high probability of returning a profit.

It will not take you any more than 15 minutes each night to enter these trades.

We’re in a unique position to help our customers because we’ve faced the same struggle of having too many choices and not enough time or education to decipher what to trade, what to buy and when to sell. We have figured out a formula that can help just about any trader build a portfolio with maximum compounded annual returns and minimum risk, giving them the time they need to explore other endeavors.

“Within every person is unlimited potential, I want to give people the tools to reach that potential.”  Steve Jobs

Let QiT be a tool to help you create the kind of wealth you think you desire.